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There is no place like our our own, right?  When you rent Glam Studios, I want you to feel welcome and find everything your heart desires to create UNIQUE and INCREDIBLE ART. 

I understand the need for a creative space to create and inspire. Let this space become your creative home.  


I started my photography business in 2012 using my bedroom window as my source of lighting for all my newborn sessions until one day my husband Eric and I realized that our bedroom had become a studio and we needed a space where we could create and have enough room for props and backdrops for countless sessions.



We then designed the studio on paper and found a a piece of land in West Pasco, WA that allowed us to build a full 40 ft wall from bottom to top just with glass windows, facing north (so there would be no direct sun light, just soft light) and voilà, Glam Studios came to be! The final touch was adding sheer curtains for the soft box effect. The idea of sharing the space as a rental came to be when the space got so organized and beautiful that I realized that other creative people could utilize the unique props and drops (also so expensive and seasonal) to elevate their businesses, have their own sessions on rainy or windy days or just because! I hope you love Glam Studios as much as we do and please don't hesitate to email us to let us know what else we can incorporate to make the space even better to fit your needs. With love and creativity, Angela Johnson 

a welcoming and inviting space for creatives, families, and friends in the PNW. 

meet Angela

IMG_6210 3.jpg

Hi! I'm Angela Johnson! I'm the founder of Glam Studios alongside with my husband Eric and my daughter Giulia. The space comes with all the props and drops. If you need a photographer or videographer, I can help you with that! Click below to visit my other website! See you there!

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